Anniversarry ♥

I realized I never posted about my Anniversarry so here we gooo~

Jan 19th was meand Carlos's one year, yaaaay! How did we spend it? Doing exactly the same thing we do every other day I: myehehehe, how melo dramatic. It was nice anyway! but seriously it was, just because I got to spend 3 whole days with him :D Mini boyfriend vacation~ We had planned to go to the beach at night and watch fireworks buuuut I fell alseep -.-; how in the world that managed to happen I honestly don't know.

I'll tell you a little of what went down during those 3 awesome days ;D

Welp, 12am hits and while I'm laying in bed watching a movie he gets up and leaves the room, I automatically assume its for a potty break but to my delightful surprise he walks in with a dozen red roses (that already died ^^;) and a box of the best chocolate in the world Ferrero Rocher! YUM.

All you have to do is give me a box of these and I'll love you FOREVER AND EVER. Seriously.

Of course I was very moved and cried, he had never ever given me flowers before and I was dying for some! I think I forced him to tell me nice things as I fell asleep. The next moring he took me out for some breakfast! :DD I love going out for breakfast haha, just because I can't cook any very well. I ate some super yummy french toastwith strawberry syrup.

I wore my new dress that day ♥

After breakfast we went shopping, talked about a lot of important things and had lots of fun messing around at Dairy Queen, I put Ice cream on Carlos's nose :p he had me laughing all day with all his corny jokes and punes! I felt so care free c: The day ended with some Chinese Food and a movie~ Super relaxed day.

Happy Ending ~♥