School and The Dilemma.

Hi ya loves, How are you? I hope better than me at the moment~

I'm not doing particularly bad but a few things have happened that are pretty...serious. It will take a lot of explaning to do so I'll post on it some other time. Now, what I really wanted to talk about was the school I went to check out on wednsday. In one word GHETTO.

It was horrible, not only was it really far from my house, it was in the ghettoest part of Orlando. The teacher was really weird, she wouldn't look at my face she would stare at my chest the whole time :/ pretty darn strange I say. I also felt pretty ackward, there was nothing but black girls there o.o; all the models in the photos were black, and I was dressed SO diff from them, they gave me funny looks and I was just like..."Um, wow do I stick out". Carlos made a joke about me still fitting in since I was part black >.> which is true but ya know, it only goes so far. It also ended up being really expensive $15 grand for the year, I might as well have gone to Aveda my first school if I knew it was gonna be that expensive! The school was just not what I was hoping for so the search continues.

I was pretty bummed out by the whole thing so Carlos took me out to the movies to cheer me up, only cause I asked (forced) him too ;D We watched The Dilemma and I really enjoyed this one. It's a type of movie that anyone could watch and I reccomend it for a cozy movie day.


BuNnYLuverz said...

aww you and carlos look like your having fun. are you going to look for another school?

Dolce♥Bunny said...

awww :( so sorry to hear about the school. Yeah, doesn't sound like a good school at all if that was your first impression.
Best look for something that makes you happy :)

Well, you and carlos just look so sweet together! Glad that he was able to cheer you up :)

Melody said...

Woahh. What an awkward school :\ I'm not racist but I would definitely feel uncomfortable there!! Probably end up getting picked on for being different :(

But yeah, I hope your search produces some better schools!

Hehe and you two look adorable <3

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Nachipooooooo~~~ I'm back for CNY holidays! o(>w<)o Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!! I missed you and everyone here!! So how's life? Srsly I don't like the school that only have one race in it... I think it would be fun with we could see another races there and be friend with them! o(^-^)o That would be much better right? (^O^)