Look who went to Disney AGAIN.

Ya'll must be tired of me writing about Disney XD I'm sorry! Haha, this time I went with my very special lover pooper! ;D Miss Jen how I love you so. This Disney trip was short, random, and spontanious! We were only there from like 2pm to 9pm, that's only because my co worker Josh had to wait for his mom to get up for work; she was the one passing us in.

Most of our day was spent in Epcot, it doesn't have many rides but its great to just walk around and take pictures and if you're lucky you'll spot some characters! The minute we got there we ran into Stitch :) Oh how I love this blue fuzzball~

As we were getting ready to head over to Magic Kingdom we stummble onto Duffy!

I really adore Duffy the Disney Bear, ever since I read his story at the Disney store I loved him. I can't find a link to the story but I'll sum up what the story was mainly about.

One night Mickey Mouse couldn't get to sleep, he was just too excited thinking about all the fun he was gonna have at Magic Kingdom the next day but he felt too restless to wait, he wished there was a friend that would play with him now. Tinker bell who happened to hear Mickey's wish flew in and covered Mickey's bear in pixie dust. Suddenly Mickey's bear came to life and Duffy the Disney bear was born! The took off and had many adventures through out the Magic Kingdom, as the night ended and morning began to rise, Mickey and Duffy sat on a wall of Cinderellas's castle watching the sun rise. Duffy however was very sad at this, he didn't want the night to end, he had too much fun and didn't want Mickey to forget him. Mickey hugged Duffy and told him that all he had to do was look in the mirror and see the special mark on his face [Duffy has a Mickey head shape on his face] and remember that was a symbol that they would always be together. The sun finally shone and the Magic Kingdom came to life, Mickey took Duffy by the hand and said "ready for another adventure with the rest of our friends?"

That's the story of Duffy! Ain't it sweet? I know they came out with another Duffy story book but I haven't read that one yet, I really want to!

We arrived at Magic Kingdom but we only had like 1 hr left before the park closed >__<

Christmas Tree at Magic Kingdom

We decided to use our last hour and ride Space Mountain >:D It took us 80 min to get on the ride but it was very much worth it in the end. Waiting in line was very boring so of course to kill time we took pics :p

Josh and Jen

Me and Josh

I can't wait to go with Jen to Disney again, but actually have time to do stuff XD and if we're lucky be able to take pics with more charcters :'3


Melody said...

So jealous that you guise get to go to Disneyland T_T"! WHY ISNT THERE A DISNEYLAND IN AUSTRALIA ?!?!?! :(

You two will have to take me one day for suree!! <3

BuNnYLuverz said...

omygosh thats sooo awesome i love spontanious moments! my friends n i do it all the time * high five * hehe. wow i never knew or heard about Duffy. but his story sounds soooo cute! i wonder if there is a lil cartoon about him. he is soo cute too with his sailor outfit!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Gotta love spontanious decitions!! And lucky you going to Disney land~!! I love stitch too! But... I like him when he is small like in cartoon but a tall stitch is kinda scary... :(
I've never heard of Duffy before but that is a really cute story and I can't help but stare at duffy's face to look at the shape of mickey! That is sooo unique and smart of Disney!

Jessica said...

Ive never been to Disneyland *jealous
lucky you! I want to have a pic with stitch too hehe