Late night/Early moring Update.

So its late, I can't sleep and I'm anxious as hell. Why? Because I have to see a Beauty School tomorrow (tech today), I dunno if this is silly to any of you but GAWD do I get nervous going to see new schools. I'd like to think its because of the "Unknown" feeling.
Despite it all I'm putting my hopes on finally finding a school I can afford. The last few schools I checked out were like $15,900 a year o____O; I don't have that kind of money. Its dishearting at times but I really do want to start school already, I feel like I'm waisting my time just working a part time job. I have dreams of being a sucessfull woman!

Anywho, a little update on my hair. I colored it light after all and I loved it!! The color came out better than I expected and I got that "brighter" look I was going for. The dark hair color made me look sick at times, not attractive at all. The only problem is it fades quickly..I was warned but its nothing I can't deal with. Haha, hopefully I'll have this color for some time before I start nagging everyone for advice again :P

No flash

with flash (kinda look gross)

I better get some sleep =__= ...Goodnight everyone!


Dolce♥Bunny said...

i think that is a really sweet color on you and I love it!
good luck with checking the school out! Don't worry, I feel the same too :( especially if you don't know anyone... :(

Melody said...

I love the colour on you!!! And yes, it gives you a more "healthier?" look hehe.

And good luck for the beauty school! I always feel nervous with things that I'm not sure withhh :(