Hair...decisions decisions.

I realized I always post about events and never really talk about myself and my thoughts. This is a blog after all I should be able to ramble on here and lord knows how much I like that. But its kinda also because....I have nobody to really talk to right now.

So, I'm really excited about next Wed, me and Carlos will finally hit that one year mark. We haven't planned anything at all O: maybe a dinner and thats about it. I wanna do something special but I have no idea what - I'm so bad at choosing what to do! I would of told him to go celebrate at Disney but I feel we spend too much time there and I'm sure he'll appreciate time away from work. Maybe I'll bug him to go to Universal Studios? ;D riiiides.

Besides the planning I'm using this very special mark as an excuse to finally re-do my hair. I love clothes but I'm extremely huge on hair, if I don't feel happy with my hair I hate everything.

Maybe that's why mountains of clothes pill up on my bed? haha.

I wanna dye it a different color for sure, something bright and fun, I'm having the hardest time choosing ;A; I've had dark hair for a long long time and honestly I'm tired of it, but I can't go too light because of my skin tone, Im not the whitest girl on the block!

I may look really white in my photos but I believe that to be all lighting -.- I've tried many many ways to lighten my skin but its practically impossible in Florida.

Dying is one thing but cutting is entirely different. I get bored of my hair cut sooooo fast its crazy! I've been wanting to get it cut into a nice style lately but so many contradicting thoughts go through my head. For one Carlos hates short hair on me :/ he demands it long, I'm not complaining since I've been wanting long hair for a long time buuuut there are times I want to do a cute short hair style. That impulse comes the most when I see the short haired gyaru's.

: Yup....

the hair color I'm leaning more towards is something like this but will it look good on me? IDFK.

I secretly admire this girl A LOT. Good jesus is she cute 8Dand her falsies are just amazing.

Anyway, that's my dillema...as you can see its a big deal to me. I hope by tues I'll have everything decided, this post sort of helped but please if you have any suggestions or comments please please don't hesitate to leave them! I'd appreciate it.


Melody said...


Hmm, maybe like if you want short hair, you should could try buying a wig? Just so that you can have short hair AND long hair whenever you like ! Mmm :D

Maybe you should try extensions :O or borrow one of Pooper's wigs to try out different styles :D ! Hehe. And aww, I don't know how dark your skin is but I think it'll still look nice if you went to a lighter colour!

And yayyy congrats for the one year ! Mmm, do something out of the ordinary? hmm. MIDNIGHT ICE SKATING *-*? I don't know. :C PICNIC ! hehe. <3

P o o p e r said...

@ Melody: She's worn all mah wigs. :D <3 haha

@ YOU No no no. D:< No short hair! *hits your hand with a ruler* I mean I get what you mean about short hair, for some reason shorter hair always has more 'style' than long hair, but if you think about it once you have your hair naturally long you can style it as much as long hair is styled, and then cut it to medium hair and style it as much when its medium and then wine up with short hair. :D But that's a long ass process.

I wanna say leave your hair length the way it is but still style it and dye it to something else. (That's the issue I knoooow xD what else to style it in) Go for the hairstyle in the last pic, that hair color rocks :D its like brown meets purple or something. I just think the hair dye would suit you really well.

I knoooow what you meaan. Clothes don't look good if the hair doesn't look good. x.x

Hmm, maybe ... As an anniversary maybe you guys should buy food and sit at the beach :3 even if its super duper freezing. hmm, or eat dinner at one of them expensive Disney resturants. o: let us know what happens girl!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

You can always try on a wig to check if the color looks good! :)

PS Your blog layout is so cute!