TRON Legacy

So, for my 11 month anniversary with Carlos he took me out to see Tron Legacy.

I had been dying to see that movie for a long time, so it was the best surprise he could give me at the moment. His sister Megan came with us to Downtown Disney to watch it too, haha yeah I seem to be around Downtown Disney a lot. I enjoy the atmosphere and its the closest thing to being at Disney for me.

The movie was nothing like the original;which I just got done watching off youtube. It was more of a continuation from the original. The thing I found cool about both Tron movies was they used the original actor playing Kevin Flynn/Clu as the same characters in BOTH movies! He looks good in both movies <3>

Sam; I think he's so handsome

Cora; her face is so lovely

The music was also very good, of course being provided by Daft Punk . I was so excited to see them in the movie 8D I suspected they were gonna have a shot of maybe 5 sec but to my surprise they were intereacted with throughout a full scene!

All, in all this movie was just one of the best Disney movies released this year. I already harrased Carlos into buying it for me on dvd >:D I will rewatch it over and over again.


Melody said...

Congrats for your 11 months :D :D !

The actors look beautifulll. And I heard it's a good movie but I haven't seen it yet >_<"

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

I wanna say congratulations for your 11 months too!♥♥♥♥(^O^)

Rin~ちゃん ♥ 김혜린 said...

grats for your 11months anniversary ^^

P o o p e r said...


AND I LOVE IT :D It made an awesome sequel. I laughed at how they try to make Kevin Flynn look younger with CG. Mija he's like 50 years old. xD Though it was awesome how they made him look young-ish. I LOVED THE MOVIE. I really want to live in a world like that but then I'll end up dying quickly. ;-;