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This is too cute for me to keep to myself!
:D I was lazily watching a cat show this morning
and they mentioned this artist named Kitty Cassandra.
The paintings she makes are to die for!
So since I loved them so much I wanted to share them with you.
:DD Enjoy~

This last one is my favorite
Because it reminds me of the daughter playing with her mom's makeup
I loved these mostly because they remind me of the San-X Nyanko Characters
I really love Cats and Dogs equally, Of course cats are easier to take care of.
I'll never be able to own a cat because me and Carlos are allergic :(
Regardless, I still pet and kiss them then go die of allergies later haha.
Do you prefer Dogs or Cats? and if neither what animal do you like?


☆モモ☆ said...

So adorable paintings! Love them! I prefer cats! I love them a lot. A few years ago I also had a cat namend Cessy! She died at the age of 20!!!

Donkuri said...

oh lovely cats ^_^

The♥Ordinary♥Gal said...

They are the cutest paintings everrr! ^__^ Thanks for sharing! XDD And, dogs or cats? Whoa. Thats easy! Dogs!! L0lLLL! I'm, just not a fan of cats @_@ Mwhaha!

Emma <33 xx

P o o p e r said...

I'm supposedly allergic to cats/dogs and we still have them. :D though I have to admit that after Jossie started living in the back porch I haven't gotten sick since ... since I went to vickey's house cause she has a cat and a dog. XD

When I did have a cat indoors I did get sick a lot ... I'm still going to have like one when I live on mah own! o_o


☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Cats, dogs.. They are adorable! But I think bunnies are the cutest animal ever!♥♥♥ LOL!

````( )( )
``O( (")(") )

ジュリエット said...

Really super cute paintings!I want them:D Dogs!I like cats too...but dogs are the best for me:)

Mei said...

Awww neko's never fails you >w<
Hmmmmmm dog or cat? I like both tho. I'll choose: dog because they are loyal.

Zilvy Monster Bunny ♥ said...

:o I love cats ^^ they are so cute and fluffy♥

Fé... said...

OK, they're kinda cute. But a puppy would be even more adorable ;p