Hair and Downtown Disney.


About a week ago I decided to cut my hair, I usally mess around with it from time to time but I wanted something simple and cute so I cut it like this :3 pardon the weird face, I was bored and waiting to get picked up by carlos. You can't really see the full cut and my bangs look a tad crazy but that's cause I ran out of anti-frizz >.>

I really like it, but I want to do more to it I wanna add purple,pink, and blonde into my hair sooo bad! I don't think work would let me :( and besides Idk where in my hair the colors would look the best. I've always wanted to dye my hair crazy colors but by the time my mom let me I had already gotten a job. What the heck, I might just go for the purple anyway ;P nyahaha.

RIGHT. Downtown Disney, I went again last night to celebrate 2 things, My 10 months with carlos and Megan's (Carlos's older sisiter) sucess on her presentation! Double date in needed!

This is what I wore ~

aaaaand I got the pleasure of using my new Marie bag >////////////<

Its so cute and very comfertable. Lots and lots of space to carry what you need.
I decided to buy Jen the same bag for her birthday <3333

The night started out crazy with Lizette, Megan's Girlfriend ( Megan is Carlos's elder sisiter) fighting with some guy for a parking space! They almost hit each other but we won The rest of the date night went great until some guy slapped by butt at the chocolate store D:<
After that Carlos was walking around giving every guy that looked at me a "I'm gonna kill you" look. XD I sort of enjoyed his defensiveness, just because I never see him jealous. Then the real trouble happened, Lizzete started having breathing/heart problems at the movies. We had to call 911 and send her to the hospital! It was so scary D: She's ok now, thank God.

Do any of you get tired of your hair or clothes? Whats the craziest thing you've ever wanted to do with yourself?



Hii, its been long. I've been busy with life :p
That's a good thing! Holiday time is always busy.
I know what you're thinking, "where are all the pictures?!"
welp, I've been lazily to tell the truth.
I've dressed up this whole weekend and not a damn picture.

It finally got cold here in Florida! The cold weather is having
a rather nice effect on my mood. I was even ok, when I lost
my wallet this last Sunday. Other than that my weekend was FABULOUS.

With the holidays creeping near, It got me thinking on what holidays
were my favorites exactly.

1) Christmas

This is probably a lot of peoples favorite holiday, and there's lots of good reason!
The cool weather this time brings is lovely, but the warmth in people that's what truely makes this holiday so joyous. I myself feel kinder and in a sence on top of the world.
The scenery is breath taking, the lights, laughter, and happiness. I always love taking walks just to admire these things, and the fashionable clothes! The gifts are nice too, its something new and exciting to look forward too :)

2) Halloween

Secretly I've always loved Halloween, I envied all the kids that got to celebrate it when I didn't.
The thought of fun and spookey all togheter is thrilling. Its also very fun to be able to be something else for a night, a creepy killer or a cute pumpkin, all being mishevious in the search for sweets and fun! Something I'll be able to look forward to yearly.

3) New Years

A new year! Its both sad and wonderful.
My heart feels strange during this holiday, I'd say my human comes out?
What I mean by that is, all my joy and fears are at its peak.
Its like being given a new life, another chance to make it or break it.
As I watch the fireworks burst in the sky, its like my own is bursting with them.
I feel appreciative for my life, the family, friends,and things I was blessed with.

Each one is different but special, for the ones that have passed I can't wait till next year and for the ones to come, GET HERE ALREADY!

What is your favorite holiday? Do you hold any special meaning behind it?



kawaii kitty pixels Pictures, Images and Photos
This is too cute for me to keep to myself!
:D I was lazily watching a cat show this morning
and they mentioned this artist named Kitty Cassandra.
The paintings she makes are to die for!
So since I loved them so much I wanted to share them with you.
:DD Enjoy~

This last one is my favorite
Because it reminds me of the daughter playing with her mom's makeup
I loved these mostly because they remind me of the San-X Nyanko Characters
I really love Cats and Dogs equally, Of course cats are easier to take care of.
I'll never be able to own a cat because me and Carlos are allergic :(
Regardless, I still pet and kiss them then go die of allergies later haha.
Do you prefer Dogs or Cats? and if neither what animal do you like?