Random Facts

This is basically a filler post~ I've been so so busy these days with work (its my excuse everytime) @___@; ahhhh so tired All I want to do is sleep all the time

Sleep XD Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyway, Lets get started shall we?

1.I've only had 2 boyfriend my entire life including Carlos.

2.Both my ex and current boyfriend were dumped for another girl before dating me >.>
3.I like sweaters more than Jackets

4.I get tired of seeing Hello Kitty's face
5.I love Jacob but I can't help but have this secret love for Edward

6.If I could be reborn I would like to be a fairy
7.Death is the single most scariest thing to me but I'm curious to see what happends after it

8.I like to say I don't care about people and sometimes its true but usually I'm hiding my real feelings

9.Grapes and Strawberries are my favorite fruits
10.I would love to be an underwear model someday

11.Me and Carlos have lots of corny nick names for each other: Mr.Mickey/Ms.Minnie, SugarPlum/Sweetpea, Stitch/Angel, Prince/Princess, Chocolate/Strawberry
12.I want to have 100 plushies or more :3

13.I sleep with a nighlight on everynight ( I'm scared of the dark)
14.When I walk around my house I imagine creatures following me and scare myself
15.I want to live in London a good portion of my life

16.I have no idea what I want to do with my life besides hair

17.Old people scare me because they remind me of what I DON'T want to look like
18.I wish I could dance :[

19.I want to voice act for a Disney movie oneday

20.I do my hair twice a week

21.My favorite perfumes are Brittney Spears perfumes

22.I want to own a baby duck,white bunny, and a corgi.

22.I use to run around shirtless when I was a kid

23.Staying optimistic makes me tired lol

24.I want to look like Katy Perry D:

25.I'm considering putting pink in my hair


P o o p e r said...

#4 lmaoooooo
its ok, I get tired of shit too :DD

Reading all these is entertaining just cause I've never knew atleast half of these! :'3

I love you mija, you're dweams will come true. ;__;