My room C:

The cold weather is approuching here in Florida, how exciting! As the temperature drops I get the urge to better myself and my lifestyle. I don't know if this happens to anyone else but this is a patter for me. I was not meant to be more a summer baby!

I joined a gym finally c: Hooray! I'm hopeful this will help me with my weight goal. I want to be at 125-130lbs, mom says that's too skinny for a girl my height 5'5 but I beg to differ. I'm already doomed to a life of big thighs and a big butt no matter how much weight I lose DD:

Besides physical improvement, I get the urge to be really tidy. I was exausted yesterday but I picked myself up and cleaned my room. I immidetly went to bed after.. a clean room, a cool night, and cute love txt from carlos was enough to knock me out x]

Here are some pics of my room I'd like to share!

Hehe messy, eh?
I have a small room becuase of all the big furtinure :/ I soo wish I had more space, big rooms look so nice! But harder to clutter, I enjoy clutter~ lots more things to look at!Haha, I'm sure you've noticed all my plushies
I'll never ever get rid of any of them, I want them to keep growing and growing till I have to sleep on the floor! (lolol jk they'll sleep on the floor)


☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Hi Nachichan! Thanks for commenting my post! You look very cute too and I love your room! You have a lot of stuffed animals eh? (^O^) I wish my room is like yours~~ (> <;; )

Anyway are you an asian? (*^-^)>

☆ NachiPoo said...

o(^____^)o You're welcome! I love love your blog, so cute and interesting.

Haha, so sweet. I'm actually thinking of remodeling once I move.
And XDD Nope. I wish! I'm puertorica,Cuban, and black o.o
My parents are mixed~

Donkuri said...

Lovely plush *_*
I inserted the Google translator in my blog :D

P o o p e r said...

You have a point! Winter always feels like there should be a new beginning. o.o Or atleast the beginning of winter always does the trick! Oh mija I really think that 125-30 is perfect. D: Remember about your height girl! I was 120 around in middle school.
That's the weight max for my height.
Did I look sort of chubby? I don't know or remember.

You'll make it mija! And its great that you're in the gym too cause once you start getting near the skinny weight your body rebels and won't let you. D:<


Your plush/disney collection is something you should totally dedicate your whole life too.

I want to see your collection become like Liz's mom's pluto collection. *_* I always stare at
it whenever I'm at Liz's house. lolol

Melody said...

Your room looks so so so cuteee!! With all the cute plushies and the Hello Kitty ^-^ <3 <# !!

And heyy, big thighs and a bit butt can be a good thing! I know that many guys find that sexually appealing and is way better than a "flat bum" and "really thin thighs!" :D

I ..need to clean my room :(

~*NeNe*~ said...

wow your room looks so cute and comfy hehe :)