Love Songs

There's always that one love song/movie that just makes my heart a big ball of mush.
I secretly sing these songs to myself and imagine myself as the main character in the movies they are from. I can't be happy any other way I have to feel like the main character. I like to believe what they say is true even if love is not perfect and people constantly contradict themselves. I should know, I do it all the time! I don't care what anybody says, EVERYONE contradicts themselves at some point.

But this post isn't about contradictions, its about some of the best love songs in my book <3

First: Love will find a way from Lion King 2

Second: Never Knew I needed by Ne-yo

Third: So this is love from Cinderela

Forth: A whole new World from Aladdin

Fifth: At the beggining from Anastasia

I could listen to these songs over and over again~ they are just so wonderful!
They really do make my happy and as corny as it sounds makes me want to wear a beautiful dress and dance close to my boyfriend just the two of us under the stars >/////<

So, I'd like to know what is YOUR favorite love song(s)?


Donkuri said...

thank you for the comment in my blog :D I like your blog,so kawaii! I added you!

☆ NachiPoo said...

You're welcome! ^___^ Thank you so much!