Hallow's Eve I went on a Lovely date to Downtown Disney with Carlos :'3
this was my Halloween celebration since I ended up getting the closing shift at my job on Halloween ;_; at least they let me wear my minnie mouse ears while I worked.

Back to Downtown Disney, It was great! So many people dressed up and it was just nice seeing the place in a new light, I had never been there so close to the holiday. Unfortunately we didnt make it in time to trick or treat, they ended at 9pm and we got there at 9:30pm, Darn!
This is what I wore~

The back of the shirt has a tail with a red bow sticking out, I swish it around lol.
It was really ackward having everyone at the Taco bell stare at me when me and Carlos where ordering our food o:

I loove those shoes but they were killing me feet all night! However in the name of my outfit I didn't care and went on wearing them. I paid for it the next day >________<

Basically me and Carlos just went around looking through shops, seeing what was new and ate some yummy ice cream and chocolates.

*Once again VERY lazy with the make up*

We found giant Mickey pumpkins! * . * I just couldn't resist to take a picture with it! Especially since Pumpkins are my fav vegie, not eating wise but the cute factor of them hehe.

I have to say the best part of the night was THIS.

Candied apple Minnie Mouse! Cutest apple in the world? I think so!

I fell in love with it, and of course Carlos being the good boyfriend bought it for me. Haha he'd laught at me cause I walked around staring at it or holding it close to me with a goofy smile on my face. What else was I suppose to do?! I certainly wasn't going to eat it..well not right away >.>

He also bought me one more gift, I haven't tooken a picture of it yet but by the next post I will! lol Oh yes, I forgot..I bought a new SD card :DD hence why I was able to take so many pictures.

The night ended perfectly, I slept over his place to be all cramped up on his small bed (That was horrible hahaha) and woke up to a plate of Pancakes :)

What did all of you do for Halloween? And what was the best part?


P o o p e r said...

Awww <333 Now that's what I'm talking about, getting off work and being able to spend the rest of the night with the bf. :'3 Great way to end Halloween!

Girl I would of given up and taken off those shoes. I LOVE HEELS. but you know the story. xD;

That candy apple IS SO CUTE. <3 -dies- It's soooo cute ... DD:

How I spent my halloween, I dressed in lolita and laid down on my bed like a princess studying for the myth test. lolol

Donkuri said...

cute minnie mouse!

Melody said...

That is so awesomeee; to be able to spend such a perfect date with the boy! :)

Why were people looking at you guys funny? :( BUT, YOUR HEELS LOOK SO NICEEEE. And the sound of that red bow sounds pretty awesome too tehehe.

THAT CANDIED APPLE MINNIE MOUSE LOOKS SO ADORABLEEEE! I wuoldn't want to eat it either *-*! But I don't really like candy apples :(

Can't wait to see what he bought you :D <3

The♥Ordinary♥Gal said...

Hellooo! I just relized that I love your blog, and I never followed you! Whoopsy... *_* Anyway! Downtown Disney? Looks + Sounds like too much funn! You look so cutee! XDDD

Me? Pretty Face? Nooo~! The shirt? I love it too! ^__^

Emma <33 xx

Xiao moon said...

ehh you look so cute ! >w<!
and the candy apple looks super delicious! :D

i didn't do much at halloween..
yeh, visiting family but unfortunately no trick or treat :'(..
aiyaya, maybe next year XD