Halloween Stores are fun!

Yesterday after work I went to the mall with my mom, which is usually no fun cause I end up buying her things I don't want to >:(
She takes advantage that I have a job.
However, this time the "I forgot my wallet at home" did the trick ;DDD Oh yes.

She ended up buying me this little cutie! Its from Jessica Louise

Aint he the cutest? :'3 I think so!

I've never been into a halloween store and we went into 2 of them~ There were soooooo many costumes! A lot of alice in wonderland ones, which figured from the extreme popularity its been getting from the Tim Burton film.[ I've honestly become annoyed of the recent fandom]

While in the store I couldn't help but try on some things and take pics of all the "creepy" things.

I felt like Toad from Mario! so cute.

I made a joke with this, I told my mom I was her bf Gustavo
who's mexican lol.
If I was a clown I'd loove to own a pair of these!

o.o Edward? --> lmao at moonlight (Twilight)


P o o p e r said...

Omgggg, I'm loving the layout!! The banner kills me cause it's so darn cute. ;__; <33333

You're mocking your momma's boyfriend's peoples!
That Edward on the cover looks, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
hotter then the one from da movie. :'3 lol

kaizokumousy said...

thank you for visiting my blog and I'm happy you liked it too ^_^

I love this mashroom hat and the skelletons :3 i love them!!!

I just became your follower hun ^^ would love to read your posts :) keep in touch!^^


~*NeNe*~ said...

oh you are so cute hehe :D
i also like halloween stores :D
thank you for your lovely comment <3
it makes me happy ^^
take care <3