Date & Funeral

Hii everyone! :'3
First of all I'd like to say a Happy 9 months to me and Carlos!
o(^___^)o Hehehe I love him so much
How's everyone's week going so far?
My week has been topsy turvy (@_@)
One day will be great! the next is just disaster!!

On Sunday I went to the movies with Carlos to see RED. red stands for "Retired Extremely Dangerous" I was Dyieng to see this movie

Red is basically a action comedy film starring Bruce Willis as the protaginist, the movie involves 4 retired CIA agents who are leading a dull life and find themselves wrapped up back with the goverment who are trying to kill them D: Why? well watch the movie and find out! I reccomend it highly!

Out of all the characters in the movie this man was my favorite.

He was so crazy! :DD He ran around attacking ladies with a pig plush (that had a massive gun in it mind you) and he loved pancakes! Yum :p
Me and Carlos had a very good time, it had been such a long time since we went on a Date like this.

Sundays outfit~


Monday was a complete Different story... I had to attend a funeral for Carlos's family DD:
His cousin died, they don't know exactly how yet but they think it was an over dose.
I absolutely HATE FUNERALS.
I get so antsy and depressed even when I don't know the person I still feel sad for the people that cared about them and I begin to cry.
I was so heartbroken, I saw all of Carlos's family crying their hearts out and whats worse I even saw Carlos cry for the first time! It took me by surprise and all I could do was hold him.

Among all the sadness there was some laughter, cell phones went off sayings things like "STFU" in spanish, and family members made jokes so it wasn't all bad. After the funeral I bonded some more with Carlos at his house, we ate dinner, watched some Ugly Betty and cuddle close. I was so grateful to have him at that moment ;_______;

Monday's Funeral Outfit~

*Please Excuse the lack of make up, I've been terribly sick with allergies so my eyes have been to itchy and watery*


Donkuri said...

I'm glad that now you can read my blog! I wrote again if you enjoy reading :D
I like your outfit :D lovely skirt!

P o o p e r said...

A movie about retired old men?
Count me in! Aww man it does sound good, I wanna see it once it comes out on that d to the v and da d. <3

Oh mija, I can't seem to say anything else since we covered everything on here over the phone! xD;

Your outfits look BANGING! I love them, mija keep at it cause this is all eye candy for me's!

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Retired Extremely Dangerous sounds good. I think I'm gonna download it at Torrent! Lol! XDXD

Love your outfit but I'm sorry for Carlos' cousin =(

You & Pooper *lol* are BFFs?

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Woaaaaaahh~~ Both of you are Poop BFFs! How cute~~~~~♥

This picture dedicates to you guys! XPXP