Mickey's Not So Spookey Halloween Party

Since I was small I never got to do anything for halloween. I think the last time I went Trick-Or-Treating was when I was maybe 8? Mickey's Halloween Party was so GREAT >///////<
I loved it so much. Out of all the times I've gone to Disney this one is 2nd best. So many great things happened! I felt bad for the people that bought tickets for the park that day. So expensive and they get kicked out of the park at 7pm
>.< They needed one of these to stay in.
I felt like a V.I.P

[Sorry for the crappy quality pictures]

These are some of the decorations they had during the day

Night Time Decorations

:D The stickers on the Train

Like I said I wore my Jack shirt while everyone else wore the same Halloween Shirt! It was so funny XD I made carlos were mine, he felt weird but I don't think he cared much after. I couldn't get a good shot of what I wore, I'll have to re-do it and take a pic. Needless to say, everyone was poiting or staring at my stockings.
A lot of the cast members would make jokes like "You've gone batty!" or "Hey you got some bats on your legs, might want to smack them away"

I'll thank carlos a million times for this, it really made me happy, I'm glad he enjoyed it too.

Me and Carlos

Me and Liz

Oh there's a story behind these pics! The queen of hearts shoved me away She wanted a pic with just carlos! D:< she was putting the moves on my man!

She then let me take one with all of us together

Last but not least was the fireworks [best part of the night] and the Parade!
XD You here me and other people talking, woooops.


P o o p e r said...

I wanna see these stockings! :D <333

Ohhh, mija you should of told her ass to stay with him! XD "You can keep him! I'll trade him for a Naveen. :D" lolol

Oh mija the both videos are appearing as private. ;-;

~*NeNe*~ said...

wow you sure had a lot of fun there :D
thank you for your lovely comment <3
i posted the 1st part of my room make-over right now^^ if you want you can take a look ^^
oh you´re from Florida? so have nice weather. i wish it would be warm in Germany again. than i could wear all my cute clothes which i´ve bought in Tokyo. but now it´s too cold for them -.-°
take care <3

Melody said...

I really want to see the stockings ! They sound like they look awesome :3 !!

I've NEVER celebrated Halloween ..mainly because Australia doesn't really have any sort of celebration for them. You hardly find anyone trick or treating :X ! It's also around exam time so no one is up for parties and etc :(