It been awhile since I posted =.=; I've been so lazy with taking pictures and such.
I have no new pictures yet but trust me their coming! I got some new things in the mail I want to show off :3

So here's one of me being silly :DDD

How's everyone been doing? I hope you're all well~

Yes, I'm in that dress moode. I want to feel girly! lol and so I've been glued to the Angelic Pretty site.

I've never owned a lolita dress in my life ;_; I wish I did. I have the money for it but it doesn't feel like the right time yet. (Does that make sence?)
I love dresses I really do and just because I'm not constantly talking/looking at them doesn't mean I don't enjoy it as much as others.

This is the dress I've been stuck on,"Milky Berry jsk in mint"
I started to like it hell of a lot more than "Wonder Cookie" o:

I'm not so sure mint is my color, I feel certains colors would look ackward with my skin tone.
(I hate living in Florida)

Its so hard buy clothes when you like so many styles! Lolita, Gal, Visual, etc. Their all so lovely.


P o o p e r said...

Sometimes I hate pink because of the whole skintone thing too. ;-; ohh but girl I cant wait for the right time to come! I'll go insane once I see you in all out lolita. :D -dies- <333