Disney On Ice

I have one of the biggest obsessions with Disney anyone could ever know.
I love what it stands for and as cheesy as it sounds its what keeps my smile going through all the hardships in life.

I recently went with a gropu of friends to Disney On Ice: Mickey and Minnie's Magical Adventure
It was a dream come true! I'd been wanting to see it for so long. I remember seeing aladdin on ice in puerto rico when I was younger, I ended up getting a Genie Snow cone cup, only because they ran out of princess Jasmin ( I threw a tamtrum, lol I was one of those children)

Here are some of the nice pictures that came out. Its was hard getting decent pictures, they kept moving around and facing the oppisite direction of my camera!

This was my ticket :3 I treasure it well lol

It was only a 2 hr show and we drove all the way to Tampa to see it, however I'd do it again just to see everyone smiling and laughing like we all were. Its nice to be able to be a child again even if for a bit and its even better when you share it with loved ones.

Oh and this is what I wore for the day :D
(I'm wearing the Minnie mouse shirt from Jill's)