Out and about with Carlos ^^

I love spending time with Carlos, he takes me on adventures and I don't feel as lonely anymore. We didn't do anything special we drove around doing small errands but there still very fun!

Duck face! QUACK!

First thing we did was go get his new XBOX, he was very excited because it was a limited edition xbox of halo reach. I personally don't like xbox but I must admit it was cool.

The box looked amazing!

I took advantage when we where at Gamestop and asked about Epic Mickey. Well lets just say I Technically own the collectors edition of the game! Which brings a figuring of mickey himself holding a paint brush and a special case for the wii mote.
It cost me $80 but in my mind its sooo worth it, I can't wait for the game to be realsed.
[Side Note: I bought a wii game but I don't own a wii XD]

If you don't know about Epic Mickey here's the Intro to the Game.

[I rewatch this many many times]

After that we went to the Dstore at Disney and Carlos surprised me by buying tickets for "Mickey's not so spookey halloween party" for this saturday. I was so excited I jumped him! All the while I felt bad because he spent $80 on both of our tickets.
He also bought these coconut and chocolate snacks shaped like mickey's head, I tried one and Oh lawd they were so tasty!

I bought a new Jack skelington shirt just for saturday <3 I'll take a pic with it then when I have the outfit together.

The day ended nicely, we cuddle and napped and enjoyed one of his favorite movies
"Punisher: Warzone" I laughed so hard, yes people exploding is funny to me.


☆ K i n g said...

Your day sounded like fun! 8D
I must play it when it comes out!

☆ NachiPoo said...

YES! You should come over to my place and play :D I'm thinking it will come out sometime in December.
I Miss you King <3

P o o p e r said...

Awwww <3333 Carlos is being such a sweetheart. That means you and Evelin can't complain!
(Kiley's been acting really sweet to Evelin lately.)

Oh epic mickey comes out in december? I'm gonna get me the regular version of the game. *A* By that time hopefully you'll get your wii! And once you get the game take pictures of the figure, I wants to see it. *_*

Have fun on saturday girl! <333

☆ NachiPoo said...

:D Yay I have to talk to her and see what kiley's been up to. I'm happy with my man <333

I'm not sure, all the previews say "Holiday 2010" so to me that meansd christmas. In any case I'll buy the wii when I pick up the game.

Thanks! I'll have to make a huge post about it! Are you happy I'm posting more often?

P o o p e r said...

Yes I am happy you're posting more! ^____^ Girl I don't miss your posts, I read everybody's. <333 But reading from someone special means more.