It been awhile since I posted =.=; I've been so lazy with taking pictures and such.
I have no new pictures yet but trust me their coming! I got some new things in the mail I want to show off :3

So here's one of me being silly :DDD

How's everyone been doing? I hope you're all well~

Yes, I'm in that dress moode. I want to feel girly! lol and so I've been glued to the Angelic Pretty site.

I've never owned a lolita dress in my life ;_; I wish I did. I have the money for it but it doesn't feel like the right time yet. (Does that make sence?)
I love dresses I really do and just because I'm not constantly talking/looking at them doesn't mean I don't enjoy it as much as others.

This is the dress I've been stuck on,"Milky Berry jsk in mint"
I started to like it hell of a lot more than "Wonder Cookie" o:

I'm not so sure mint is my color, I feel certains colors would look ackward with my skin tone.
(I hate living in Florida)

Its so hard buy clothes when you like so many styles! Lolita, Gal, Visual, etc. Their all so lovely.


Mickey's Not So Spookey Halloween Party


Since I was small I never got to do anything for halloween. I think the last time I went Trick-Or-Treating was when I was maybe 8? Mickey's Halloween Party was so GREAT >///////<
I loved it so much. Out of all the times I've gone to Disney this one is 2nd best. So many great things happened! I felt bad for the people that bought tickets for the park that day. So expensive and they get kicked out of the park at 7pm
>.< They needed one of these to stay in.
I felt like a V.I.P

[Sorry for the crappy quality pictures]

These are some of the decorations they had during the day

Night Time Decorations

:D The stickers on the Train

Like I said I wore my Jack shirt while everyone else wore the same Halloween Shirt! It was so funny XD I made carlos were mine, he felt weird but I don't think he cared much after. I couldn't get a good shot of what I wore, I'll have to re-do it and take a pic. Needless to say, everyone was poiting or staring at my stockings.
A lot of the cast members would make jokes like "You've gone batty!" or "Hey you got some bats on your legs, might want to smack them away"

I'll thank carlos a million times for this, it really made me happy, I'm glad he enjoyed it too.

Me and Carlos

Me and Liz

Oh there's a story behind these pics! The queen of hearts shoved me away She wanted a pic with just carlos! D:< she was putting the moves on my man!

She then let me take one with all of us together

Last but not least was the fireworks [best part of the night] and the Parade!
XD You here me and other people talking, woooops.


Out and about with Carlos ^^


I love spending time with Carlos, he takes me on adventures and I don't feel as lonely anymore. We didn't do anything special we drove around doing small errands but there still very fun!

Duck face! QUACK!

First thing we did was go get his new XBOX, he was very excited because it was a limited edition xbox of halo reach. I personally don't like xbox but I must admit it was cool.

The box looked amazing!

I took advantage when we where at Gamestop and asked about Epic Mickey. Well lets just say I Technically own the collectors edition of the game! Which brings a figuring of mickey himself holding a paint brush and a special case for the wii mote.
It cost me $80 but in my mind its sooo worth it, I can't wait for the game to be realsed.
[Side Note: I bought a wii game but I don't own a wii XD]

If you don't know about Epic Mickey here's the Intro to the Game.

[I rewatch this many many times]

After that we went to the Dstore at Disney and Carlos surprised me by buying tickets for "Mickey's not so spookey halloween party" for this saturday. I was so excited I jumped him! All the while I felt bad because he spent $80 on both of our tickets.
He also bought these coconut and chocolate snacks shaped like mickey's head, I tried one and Oh lawd they were so tasty!

I bought a new Jack skelington shirt just for saturday <3 I'll take a pic with it then when I have the outfit together.

The day ended nicely, we cuddle and napped and enjoyed one of his favorite movies
"Punisher: Warzone" I laughed so hard, yes people exploding is funny to me.


Let's hit the beach!


a Pictures, Images and Photos

Summers almost gone and I had only gotten to go to the beach once for my friend Evelin's birthday party, we went to clearwater. On Monday though that all changed :3 once again I was headed to clearwater but this time with an old friends and a new friend (a very HOT new friend lol) His name is Brian but we call him Sensai :D He's so sweet and fun to be around!

Its thanks to him that I finally tried Lollicup and OMIGOSH it was delicious! So yummy ~
I had a strawberry and Passion Fruit Slush, tasted like heaven in my mouth.

Here's Pics from our lovely beach day!
Sensai caught me in the car by surprise! I like it though XD

I love making new friendsHeart Pictures, Images and Photos

Disney On Ice

I have one of the biggest obsessions with Disney anyone could ever know.
I love what it stands for and as cheesy as it sounds its what keeps my smile going through all the hardships in life.

I recently went with a gropu of friends to Disney On Ice: Mickey and Minnie's Magical Adventure
It was a dream come true! I'd been wanting to see it for so long. I remember seeing aladdin on ice in puerto rico when I was younger, I ended up getting a Genie Snow cone cup, only because they ran out of princess Jasmin ( I threw a tamtrum, lol I was one of those children)

Here are some of the nice pictures that came out. Its was hard getting decent pictures, they kept moving around and facing the oppisite direction of my camera!

This was my ticket :3 I treasure it well lol

It was only a 2 hr show and we drove all the way to Tampa to see it, however I'd do it again just to see everyone smiling and laughing like we all were. Its nice to be able to be a child again even if for a bit and its even better when you share it with loved ones.

Oh and this is what I wore for the day :D
(I'm wearing the Minnie mouse shirt from Jill's)