Yesterday was my friend Kiley's birthday party :p he be 20 yrs old now!
It was very fun, I got to meet new friend and see some of my best friends like miss Jen <3

Picture Spaaaam ~

;___; I love her so much and even when I'm around her I miss her (sigh)
I have this secret fantasy that one day we'll end up old and together in a small cute pink house by the country side wearing lolita dresses. A girl can dream (>.>)

As we don't get to see each other very often we sat down and watched Disney character videos on youtube. Some of them where so amazing! ah, Disney is my love especially that handsome mouse <3 (who can indeed bust a move, proof is below)

This was here in Florida and I missed it! D< Enraged? YES.
I'll just have to creep them announcing sites!

And this must have been my Favorite Video of the Night~

I love Mickey and Minnie with all my heart and seeing them dance so cute together just melted me. I love this style of dance and music! Which is probably why I loved the Princess and the Frog.
(Liar, you only liked it cause if Prince Naveen)


P o o p e r said...

I have that same dream too ... ;____; Lolita sisters! <3 Oh, I miss you a lot too when you're not around. I'm so glad about wednesday!