Updates I suppose

The last few days have been amazing! I've had so much fun being with friends.
Of course its had it's consequences, I've gained some weight and spent a lot of money..
Party time is over~
I'm taking a break to spend time with my lover Carlos. I'd hope to spend some time with Jen too.

Speaking of Carlos, He's spending the night again ^////^ ~
He slept over last night too, I love cuddling to sleep with him.

My rings got shipped finally! Now the waiting begins :/
I have lots of accessories but not rings so these should come in handy.
I'm so glad Jen showed me etsy.com



I was bored the other day and took some pictures ~
I didn't post this one on Facebook
I wanna try experimenting with eyeshadow but I have no idea if they look all that great on me.
Even then I wouldn't know what colors to choose.