Hii yoo everyone! o(^_^)o

These last few days have been really nice, I've done nothing but run around shopping.
Of course I shouldn't be spending money at this time especially since I have so many housely cost to worry about but, its hard to pass up all the after xmas sales going round.

On sunday I got to go to Florida Mall with my aunt Carmen, I hadn't seen her in months D:
I missed her alot, and its very nice shopping with her because she's patient and understand me when I can't seem to make up my mind about certain items and prices. I ended up buying a new Victoria Secret Perfume called "Chiffon", it was on sale for $11! I enjoy collecting perfumes and I've fallen utterly in Love with Victoria Secret scents.

I bought this cute necklace at 21 Forever.

The only other thing I ended up buying that day was a pair of "Puma" panties for Megan and a "Japanese Cherry Blossom" room freshner for both Megan and me. Carlos also bought one so all 3 of our rooms smell the same! 8D


Saturday was my movie date night with Carlos! I decided to get all purdy for him, and it was a good opportunity to try out my new false lashes. They don't show up very well in the picture but their there!

He had promised me a long time ago to take me to watch "Tangled" OMG that movie was amazing! Its def one of my new favorite Disney movies. Carlos REALLY enjoyed it, and he doesn't go cooky over princess movies, we both fell in love with Flynn Ryder; he's definetly not your usual prince. I think its because he was like Aladdin, a thief who started out with nothing and gained so much through love. The other character we loved was Maximus; the horse. He was such a BAD ASS! I mean come on, a horse that can sword fight? YES.

How was your weekend and what did you do? :]


TRON Legacy


So, for my 11 month anniversary with Carlos he took me out to see Tron Legacy.

I had been dying to see that movie for a long time, so it was the best surprise he could give me at the moment. His sister Megan came with us to Downtown Disney to watch it too, haha yeah I seem to be around Downtown Disney a lot. I enjoy the atmosphere and its the closest thing to being at Disney for me.

The movie was nothing like the original;which I just got done watching off youtube. It was more of a continuation from the original. The thing I found cool about both Tron movies was they used the original actor playing Kevin Flynn/Clu as the same characters in BOTH movies! He looks good in both movies <3>

Sam; I think he's so handsome

Cora; her face is so lovely

The music was also very good, of course being provided by Daft Punk . I was so excited to see them in the movie 8D I suspected they were gonna have a shot of maybe 5 sec but to my surprise they were intereacted with throughout a full scene!

All, in all this movie was just one of the best Disney movies released this year. I already harrased Carlos into buying it for me on dvd >:D I will rewatch it over and over again.


Disney Xmas pt.1

D: I'm a lazy blogger! I'm so sorry everyone.
Its so hard blogging when you're tired all the time. No will what so ever. But because I've gotten a few nags to update I WILL.

I'll start with the most recent.I went to Disney with Carlos, Leena, and Tre'. The night before had been very hectic but our plan turned out a sucess and away to adventure we went!It was very fun and I was happy to see Carlos get along with them. I found it amasuing how we all took advantage of Carlos's 50% discount :D Its so awesome but this discount only last a few weeks in December.

I didn't have my camera with me so I had to snag all the pics from Leena ^^;

Once I get the rest of the pictures from her I'll post them but for now this is it!


Hair and Downtown Disney.


About a week ago I decided to cut my hair, I usally mess around with it from time to time but I wanted something simple and cute so I cut it like this :3 pardon the weird face, I was bored and waiting to get picked up by carlos. You can't really see the full cut and my bangs look a tad crazy but that's cause I ran out of anti-frizz >.>

I really like it, but I want to do more to it I wanna add purple,pink, and blonde into my hair sooo bad! I don't think work would let me :( and besides Idk where in my hair the colors would look the best. I've always wanted to dye my hair crazy colors but by the time my mom let me I had already gotten a job. What the heck, I might just go for the purple anyway ;P nyahaha.

RIGHT. Downtown Disney, I went again last night to celebrate 2 things, My 10 months with carlos and Megan's (Carlos's older sisiter) sucess on her presentation! Double date in needed!

This is what I wore ~

aaaaand I got the pleasure of using my new Marie bag >////////////<

Its so cute and very comfertable. Lots and lots of space to carry what you need.
I decided to buy Jen the same bag for her birthday <3333

The night started out crazy with Lizette, Megan's Girlfriend ( Megan is Carlos's elder sisiter) fighting with some guy for a parking space! They almost hit each other but we won The rest of the date night went great until some guy slapped by butt at the chocolate store D:<
After that Carlos was walking around giving every guy that looked at me a "I'm gonna kill you" look. XD I sort of enjoyed his defensiveness, just because I never see him jealous. Then the real trouble happened, Lizzete started having breathing/heart problems at the movies. We had to call 911 and send her to the hospital! It was so scary D: She's ok now, thank God.

Do any of you get tired of your hair or clothes? Whats the craziest thing you've ever wanted to do with yourself?



Hii, its been long. I've been busy with life :p
That's a good thing! Holiday time is always busy.
I know what you're thinking, "where are all the pictures?!"
welp, I've been lazily to tell the truth.
I've dressed up this whole weekend and not a damn picture.

It finally got cold here in Florida! The cold weather is having
a rather nice effect on my mood. I was even ok, when I lost
my wallet this last Sunday. Other than that my weekend was FABULOUS.

With the holidays creeping near, It got me thinking on what holidays
were my favorites exactly.

1) Christmas

This is probably a lot of peoples favorite holiday, and there's lots of good reason!
The cool weather this time brings is lovely, but the warmth in people that's what truely makes this holiday so joyous. I myself feel kinder and in a sence on top of the world.
The scenery is breath taking, the lights, laughter, and happiness. I always love taking walks just to admire these things, and the fashionable clothes! The gifts are nice too, its something new and exciting to look forward too :)

2) Halloween

Secretly I've always loved Halloween, I envied all the kids that got to celebrate it when I didn't.
The thought of fun and spookey all togheter is thrilling. Its also very fun to be able to be something else for a night, a creepy killer or a cute pumpkin, all being mishevious in the search for sweets and fun! Something I'll be able to look forward to yearly.

3) New Years

A new year! Its both sad and wonderful.
My heart feels strange during this holiday, I'd say my human comes out?
What I mean by that is, all my joy and fears are at its peak.
Its like being given a new life, another chance to make it or break it.
As I watch the fireworks burst in the sky, its like my own is bursting with them.
I feel appreciative for my life, the family, friends,and things I was blessed with.

Each one is different but special, for the ones that have passed I can't wait till next year and for the ones to come, GET HERE ALREADY!

What is your favorite holiday? Do you hold any special meaning behind it?



kawaii kitty pixels Pictures, Images and Photos
This is too cute for me to keep to myself!
:D I was lazily watching a cat show this morning
and they mentioned this artist named Kitty Cassandra.
The paintings she makes are to die for!
So since I loved them so much I wanted to share them with you.
:DD Enjoy~

This last one is my favorite
Because it reminds me of the daughter playing with her mom's makeup
I loved these mostly because they remind me of the San-X Nyanko Characters
I really love Cats and Dogs equally, Of course cats are easier to take care of.
I'll never be able to own a cat because me and Carlos are allergic :(
Regardless, I still pet and kiss them then go die of allergies later haha.
Do you prefer Dogs or Cats? and if neither what animal do you like?



Hallow's Eve I went on a Lovely date to Downtown Disney with Carlos :'3
this was my Halloween celebration since I ended up getting the closing shift at my job on Halloween ;_; at least they let me wear my minnie mouse ears while I worked.

Back to Downtown Disney, It was great! So many people dressed up and it was just nice seeing the place in a new light, I had never been there so close to the holiday. Unfortunately we didnt make it in time to trick or treat, they ended at 9pm and we got there at 9:30pm, Darn!
This is what I wore~

The back of the shirt has a tail with a red bow sticking out, I swish it around lol.
It was really ackward having everyone at the Taco bell stare at me when me and Carlos where ordering our food o:

I loove those shoes but they were killing me feet all night! However in the name of my outfit I didn't care and went on wearing them. I paid for it the next day >________<

Basically me and Carlos just went around looking through shops, seeing what was new and ate some yummy ice cream and chocolates.

*Once again VERY lazy with the make up*

We found giant Mickey pumpkins! * . * I just couldn't resist to take a picture with it! Especially since Pumpkins are my fav vegie, not eating wise but the cute factor of them hehe.

I have to say the best part of the night was THIS.

Candied apple Minnie Mouse! Cutest apple in the world? I think so!

I fell in love with it, and of course Carlos being the good boyfriend bought it for me. Haha he'd laught at me cause I walked around staring at it or holding it close to me with a goofy smile on my face. What else was I suppose to do?! I certainly wasn't going to eat it..well not right away >.>

He also bought me one more gift, I haven't tooken a picture of it yet but by the next post I will! lol Oh yes, I forgot..I bought a new SD card :DD hence why I was able to take so many pictures.

The night ended perfectly, I slept over his place to be all cramped up on his small bed (That was horrible hahaha) and woke up to a plate of Pancakes :)

What did all of you do for Halloween? And what was the best part?


Sorry for not posting in so long, my camera is being rebelous against me D:<
I think its its my SD card that's acting up, time to take a trip to Wal Mart.
However, I've made due with my phone camera so if the pics look cruddy
I'm sorry ;_;

This is todays outfit~

>:DDD Oh yeah, Star Wars FTW. Darth Vader and R2 = ♥

[I have an R2 plush keychain on my bag]

This is actually the first time I wore that skirt, I felt so happy because when I bought it the size was too small. Looks like I'm making progress!

Where did I wear this to? The movies :'3 Yup again but this time with my family. You see my most awesome cousin Ambar called me spontaniously to go see a movie with her and my aunt. I haven't seen them in a long time since my aunt and mom started a war among each other.

Oh yes, my younger brother Sammy came along.
You can see him photo bombing in the back XD
He gave me a bat shaped silly band! It made me happy, bats are so cute~
I actually have 2 other siblings but I'm not close to them.
They live in Puerto Rico while I live here in Florida.

Me with my aunt Glenda.
She's nice and silly but very hard headed.
Its difficult to be around her sometimes.


^____^ The movie we ended up watching is not new, it was "Step Up 3" I had never seen a step up movie and OMG I loved it! All the dancing was amazing and intense! This dance was my favorite for one reason alone..water. I don't know what it is when people dance on water it gives me the chills and I automatically love it. lolol that's how Shinee won my heart :p

I was full of excitement and jealousy throught out the movie, I wish I could dance like that! DD:
I honestly don't know how to dance and it makes me mad. There's nothing left to do but take classes! DDR can't help me here! >.<;

Do any of you have a talent you wish you had? o:


Date & Funeral

Hii everyone! :'3
First of all I'd like to say a Happy 9 months to me and Carlos!
o(^___^)o Hehehe I love him so much
How's everyone's week going so far?
My week has been topsy turvy (@_@)
One day will be great! the next is just disaster!!

On Sunday I went to the movies with Carlos to see RED. red stands for "Retired Extremely Dangerous" I was Dyieng to see this movie

Red is basically a action comedy film starring Bruce Willis as the protaginist, the movie involves 4 retired CIA agents who are leading a dull life and find themselves wrapped up back with the goverment who are trying to kill them D: Why? well watch the movie and find out! I reccomend it highly!

Out of all the characters in the movie this man was my favorite.

He was so crazy! :DD He ran around attacking ladies with a pig plush (that had a massive gun in it mind you) and he loved pancakes! Yum :p
Me and Carlos had a very good time, it had been such a long time since we went on a Date like this.

Sundays outfit~


Monday was a complete Different story... I had to attend a funeral for Carlos's family DD:
His cousin died, they don't know exactly how yet but they think it was an over dose.
I absolutely HATE FUNERALS.
I get so antsy and depressed even when I don't know the person I still feel sad for the people that cared about them and I begin to cry.
I was so heartbroken, I saw all of Carlos's family crying their hearts out and whats worse I even saw Carlos cry for the first time! It took me by surprise and all I could do was hold him.

Among all the sadness there was some laughter, cell phones went off sayings things like "STFU" in spanish, and family members made jokes so it wasn't all bad. After the funeral I bonded some more with Carlos at his house, we ate dinner, watched some Ugly Betty and cuddle close. I was so grateful to have him at that moment ;_______;

Monday's Funeral Outfit~

*Please Excuse the lack of make up, I've been terribly sick with allergies so my eyes have been to itchy and watery*


My room C:

The cold weather is approuching here in Florida, how exciting! As the temperature drops I get the urge to better myself and my lifestyle. I don't know if this happens to anyone else but this is a patter for me. I was not meant to be more a summer baby!

I joined a gym finally c: Hooray! I'm hopeful this will help me with my weight goal. I want to be at 125-130lbs, mom says that's too skinny for a girl my height 5'5 but I beg to differ. I'm already doomed to a life of big thighs and a big butt no matter how much weight I lose DD:

Besides physical improvement, I get the urge to be really tidy. I was exausted yesterday but I picked myself up and cleaned my room. I immidetly went to bed after.. a clean room, a cool night, and cute love txt from carlos was enough to knock me out x]

Here are some pics of my room I'd like to share!

Hehe messy, eh?
I have a small room becuase of all the big furtinure :/ I soo wish I had more space, big rooms look so nice! But harder to clutter, I enjoy clutter~ lots more things to look at!Haha, I'm sure you've noticed all my plushies
I'll never ever get rid of any of them, I want them to keep growing and growing till I have to sleep on the floor! (lolol jk they'll sleep on the floor)


Random Facts

This is basically a filler post~ I've been so so busy these days with work (its my excuse everytime) @___@; ahhhh so tired All I want to do is sleep all the time

Sleep XD Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyway, Lets get started shall we?

1.I've only had 2 boyfriend my entire life including Carlos.

2.Both my ex and current boyfriend were dumped for another girl before dating me >.>
3.I like sweaters more than Jackets

4.I get tired of seeing Hello Kitty's face
5.I love Jacob but I can't help but have this secret love for Edward

6.If I could be reborn I would like to be a fairy
7.Death is the single most scariest thing to me but I'm curious to see what happends after it

8.I like to say I don't care about people and sometimes its true but usually I'm hiding my real feelings

9.Grapes and Strawberries are my favorite fruits
10.I would love to be an underwear model someday

11.Me and Carlos have lots of corny nick names for each other: Mr.Mickey/Ms.Minnie, SugarPlum/Sweetpea, Stitch/Angel, Prince/Princess, Chocolate/Strawberry
12.I want to have 100 plushies or more :3

13.I sleep with a nighlight on everynight ( I'm scared of the dark)
14.When I walk around my house I imagine creatures following me and scare myself
15.I want to live in London a good portion of my life

16.I have no idea what I want to do with my life besides hair

17.Old people scare me because they remind me of what I DON'T want to look like
18.I wish I could dance :[

19.I want to voice act for a Disney movie oneday

20.I do my hair twice a week

21.My favorite perfumes are Brittney Spears perfumes

22.I want to own a baby duck,white bunny, and a corgi.

22.I use to run around shirtless when I was a kid

23.Staying optimistic makes me tired lol

24.I want to look like Katy Perry D:

25.I'm considering putting pink in my hair


Halloween Stores are fun!


Yesterday after work I went to the mall with my mom, which is usually no fun cause I end up buying her things I don't want to >:(
She takes advantage that I have a job.
However, this time the "I forgot my wallet at home" did the trick ;DDD Oh yes.

She ended up buying me this little cutie! Its from Jessica Louise

Aint he the cutest? :'3 I think so!

I've never been into a halloween store and we went into 2 of them~ There were soooooo many costumes! A lot of alice in wonderland ones, which figured from the extreme popularity its been getting from the Tim Burton film.[ I've honestly become annoyed of the recent fandom]

While in the store I couldn't help but try on some things and take pics of all the "creepy" things.

I felt like Toad from Mario! so cute.

I made a joke with this, I told my mom I was her bf Gustavo
who's mexican lol.
If I was a clown I'd loove to own a pair of these!

o.o Edward? --> lmao at moonlight (Twilight)


Love Songs


There's always that one love song/movie that just makes my heart a big ball of mush.
I secretly sing these songs to myself and imagine myself as the main character in the movies they are from. I can't be happy any other way I have to feel like the main character. I like to believe what they say is true even if love is not perfect and people constantly contradict themselves. I should know, I do it all the time! I don't care what anybody says, EVERYONE contradicts themselves at some point.

But this post isn't about contradictions, its about some of the best love songs in my book <3

First: Love will find a way from Lion King 2

Second: Never Knew I needed by Ne-yo

Third: So this is love from Cinderela

Forth: A whole new World from Aladdin

Fifth: At the beggining from Anastasia

I could listen to these songs over and over again~ they are just so wonderful!
They really do make my happy and as corny as it sounds makes me want to wear a beautiful dress and dance close to my boyfriend just the two of us under the stars >/////<

So, I'd like to know what is YOUR favorite love song(s)?



It been awhile since I posted =.=; I've been so lazy with taking pictures and such.
I have no new pictures yet but trust me their coming! I got some new things in the mail I want to show off :3

So here's one of me being silly :DDD

How's everyone been doing? I hope you're all well~

Yes, I'm in that dress moode. I want to feel girly! lol and so I've been glued to the Angelic Pretty site.

I've never owned a lolita dress in my life ;_; I wish I did. I have the money for it but it doesn't feel like the right time yet. (Does that make sence?)
I love dresses I really do and just because I'm not constantly talking/looking at them doesn't mean I don't enjoy it as much as others.

This is the dress I've been stuck on,"Milky Berry jsk in mint"
I started to like it hell of a lot more than "Wonder Cookie" o:

I'm not so sure mint is my color, I feel certains colors would look ackward with my skin tone.
(I hate living in Florida)

Its so hard buy clothes when you like so many styles! Lolita, Gal, Visual, etc. Their all so lovely.


Mickey's Not So Spookey Halloween Party


Since I was small I never got to do anything for halloween. I think the last time I went Trick-Or-Treating was when I was maybe 8? Mickey's Halloween Party was so GREAT >///////<
I loved it so much. Out of all the times I've gone to Disney this one is 2nd best. So many great things happened! I felt bad for the people that bought tickets for the park that day. So expensive and they get kicked out of the park at 7pm
>.< They needed one of these to stay in.
I felt like a V.I.P

[Sorry for the crappy quality pictures]

These are some of the decorations they had during the day

Night Time Decorations

:D The stickers on the Train

Like I said I wore my Jack shirt while everyone else wore the same Halloween Shirt! It was so funny XD I made carlos were mine, he felt weird but I don't think he cared much after. I couldn't get a good shot of what I wore, I'll have to re-do it and take a pic. Needless to say, everyone was poiting or staring at my stockings.
A lot of the cast members would make jokes like "You've gone batty!" or "Hey you got some bats on your legs, might want to smack them away"

I'll thank carlos a million times for this, it really made me happy, I'm glad he enjoyed it too.

Me and Carlos

Me and Liz

Oh there's a story behind these pics! The queen of hearts shoved me away She wanted a pic with just carlos! D:< she was putting the moves on my man!

She then let me take one with all of us together

Last but not least was the fireworks [best part of the night] and the Parade!
XD You here me and other people talking, woooops.