Anniversarry ♥

I realized I never posted about my Anniversarry so here we gooo~

Jan 19th was meand Carlos's one year, yaaaay! How did we spend it? Doing exactly the same thing we do every other day I: myehehehe, how melo dramatic. It was nice anyway! but seriously it was, just because I got to spend 3 whole days with him :D Mini boyfriend vacation~ We had planned to go to the beach at night and watch fireworks buuuut I fell alseep -.-; how in the world that managed to happen I honestly don't know.

I'll tell you a little of what went down during those 3 awesome days ;D

Welp, 12am hits and while I'm laying in bed watching a movie he gets up and leaves the room, I automatically assume its for a potty break but to my delightful surprise he walks in with a dozen red roses (that already died ^^;) and a box of the best chocolate in the world Ferrero Rocher! YUM.

All you have to do is give me a box of these and I'll love you FOREVER AND EVER. Seriously.

Of course I was very moved and cried, he had never ever given me flowers before and I was dying for some! I think I forced him to tell me nice things as I fell asleep. The next moring he took me out for some breakfast! :DD I love going out for breakfast haha, just because I can't cook any very well. I ate some super yummy french toastwith strawberry syrup.

I wore my new dress that day ♥

After breakfast we went shopping, talked about a lot of important things and had lots of fun messing around at Dairy Queen, I put Ice cream on Carlos's nose :p he had me laughing all day with all his corny jokes and punes! I felt so care free c: The day ended with some Chinese Food and a movie~ Super relaxed day.

Happy Ending ~♥


School and The Dilemma.

Hi ya loves, How are you? I hope better than me at the moment~

I'm not doing particularly bad but a few things have happened that are pretty...serious. It will take a lot of explaning to do so I'll post on it some other time. Now, what I really wanted to talk about was the school I went to check out on wednsday. In one word GHETTO.

It was horrible, not only was it really far from my house, it was in the ghettoest part of Orlando. The teacher was really weird, she wouldn't look at my face she would stare at my chest the whole time :/ pretty darn strange I say. I also felt pretty ackward, there was nothing but black girls there o.o; all the models in the photos were black, and I was dressed SO diff from them, they gave me funny looks and I was just like..."Um, wow do I stick out". Carlos made a joke about me still fitting in since I was part black >.> which is true but ya know, it only goes so far. It also ended up being really expensive $15 grand for the year, I might as well have gone to Aveda my first school if I knew it was gonna be that expensive! The school was just not what I was hoping for so the search continues.

I was pretty bummed out by the whole thing so Carlos took me out to the movies to cheer me up, only cause I asked (forced) him too ;D We watched The Dilemma and I really enjoyed this one. It's a type of movie that anyone could watch and I reccomend it for a cozy movie day.


Late night/Early moring Update.

So its late, I can't sleep and I'm anxious as hell. Why? Because I have to see a Beauty School tomorrow (tech today), I dunno if this is silly to any of you but GAWD do I get nervous going to see new schools. I'd like to think its because of the "Unknown" feeling.
Despite it all I'm putting my hopes on finally finding a school I can afford. The last few schools I checked out were like $15,900 a year o____O; I don't have that kind of money. Its dishearting at times but I really do want to start school already, I feel like I'm waisting my time just working a part time job. I have dreams of being a sucessfull woman!

Anywho, a little update on my hair. I colored it light after all and I loved it!! The color came out better than I expected and I got that "brighter" look I was going for. The dark hair color made me look sick at times, not attractive at all. The only problem is it fades quickly..I was warned but its nothing I can't deal with. Haha, hopefully I'll have this color for some time before I start nagging everyone for advice again :P

No flash

with flash (kinda look gross)

I better get some sleep =__= ...Goodnight everyone!


Hair...decisions decisions.

I realized I always post about events and never really talk about myself and my thoughts. This is a blog after all I should be able to ramble on here and lord knows how much I like that. But its kinda also because....I have nobody to really talk to right now.

So, I'm really excited about next Wed, me and Carlos will finally hit that one year mark. We haven't planned anything at all O: maybe a dinner and thats about it. I wanna do something special but I have no idea what - I'm so bad at choosing what to do! I would of told him to go celebrate at Disney but I feel we spend too much time there and I'm sure he'll appreciate time away from work. Maybe I'll bug him to go to Universal Studios? ;D riiiides.

Besides the planning I'm using this very special mark as an excuse to finally re-do my hair. I love clothes but I'm extremely huge on hair, if I don't feel happy with my hair I hate everything.

Maybe that's why mountains of clothes pill up on my bed? haha.

I wanna dye it a different color for sure, something bright and fun, I'm having the hardest time choosing ;A; I've had dark hair for a long long time and honestly I'm tired of it, but I can't go too light because of my skin tone, Im not the whitest girl on the block!

I may look really white in my photos but I believe that to be all lighting -.- I've tried many many ways to lighten my skin but its practically impossible in Florida.

Dying is one thing but cutting is entirely different. I get bored of my hair cut sooooo fast its crazy! I've been wanting to get it cut into a nice style lately but so many contradicting thoughts go through my head. For one Carlos hates short hair on me :/ he demands it long, I'm not complaining since I've been wanting long hair for a long time buuuut there are times I want to do a cute short hair style. That impulse comes the most when I see the short haired gyaru's.

: Yup....

the hair color I'm leaning more towards is something like this but will it look good on me? IDFK.

I secretly admire this girl A LOT. Good jesus is she cute 8Dand her falsies are just amazing.

Anyway, that's my dillema...as you can see its a big deal to me. I hope by tues I'll have everything decided, this post sort of helped but please if you have any suggestions or comments please please don't hesitate to leave them! I'd appreciate it.




Hi guys this is my entry for Miss Bunny's giveaway :3 she has an awesome blog! Enter her giveaway, Its really great she's got such cute prizes. I'm going for the Cutie prize, but the Beauty prize is really lovely.

Wish me luck~ ^__^


Look who went to Disney AGAIN.

Ya'll must be tired of me writing about Disney XD I'm sorry! Haha, this time I went with my very special lover pooper! ;D Miss Jen how I love you so. This Disney trip was short, random, and spontanious! We were only there from like 2pm to 9pm, that's only because my co worker Josh had to wait for his mom to get up for work; she was the one passing us in.

Most of our day was spent in Epcot, it doesn't have many rides but its great to just walk around and take pictures and if you're lucky you'll spot some characters! The minute we got there we ran into Stitch :) Oh how I love this blue fuzzball~

As we were getting ready to head over to Magic Kingdom we stummble onto Duffy!

I really adore Duffy the Disney Bear, ever since I read his story at the Disney store I loved him. I can't find a link to the story but I'll sum up what the story was mainly about.

One night Mickey Mouse couldn't get to sleep, he was just too excited thinking about all the fun he was gonna have at Magic Kingdom the next day but he felt too restless to wait, he wished there was a friend that would play with him now. Tinker bell who happened to hear Mickey's wish flew in and covered Mickey's bear in pixie dust. Suddenly Mickey's bear came to life and Duffy the Disney bear was born! The took off and had many adventures through out the Magic Kingdom, as the night ended and morning began to rise, Mickey and Duffy sat on a wall of Cinderellas's castle watching the sun rise. Duffy however was very sad at this, he didn't want the night to end, he had too much fun and didn't want Mickey to forget him. Mickey hugged Duffy and told him that all he had to do was look in the mirror and see the special mark on his face [Duffy has a Mickey head shape on his face] and remember that was a symbol that they would always be together. The sun finally shone and the Magic Kingdom came to life, Mickey took Duffy by the hand and said "ready for another adventure with the rest of our friends?"

That's the story of Duffy! Ain't it sweet? I know they came out with another Duffy story book but I haven't read that one yet, I really want to!

We arrived at Magic Kingdom but we only had like 1 hr left before the park closed >__<

Christmas Tree at Magic Kingdom

We decided to use our last hour and ride Space Mountain >:D It took us 80 min to get on the ride but it was very much worth it in the end. Waiting in line was very boring so of course to kill time we took pics :p

Josh and Jen

Me and Josh

I can't wait to go with Jen to Disney again, but actually have time to do stuff XD and if we're lucky be able to take pics with more charcters :'3



Hii yoo everyone! o(^_^)o

These last few days have been really nice, I've done nothing but run around shopping.
Of course I shouldn't be spending money at this time especially since I have so many housely cost to worry about but, its hard to pass up all the after xmas sales going round.

On sunday I got to go to Florida Mall with my aunt Carmen, I hadn't seen her in months D:
I missed her alot, and its very nice shopping with her because she's patient and understand me when I can't seem to make up my mind about certain items and prices. I ended up buying a new Victoria Secret Perfume called "Chiffon", it was on sale for $11! I enjoy collecting perfumes and I've fallen utterly in Love with Victoria Secret scents.

I bought this cute necklace at 21 Forever.

The only other thing I ended up buying that day was a pair of "Puma" panties for Megan and a "Japanese Cherry Blossom" room freshner for both Megan and me. Carlos also bought one so all 3 of our rooms smell the same! 8D


Saturday was my movie date night with Carlos! I decided to get all purdy for him, and it was a good opportunity to try out my new false lashes. They don't show up very well in the picture but their there!

He had promised me a long time ago to take me to watch "Tangled" OMG that movie was amazing! Its def one of my new favorite Disney movies. Carlos REALLY enjoyed it, and he doesn't go cooky over princess movies, we both fell in love with Flynn Ryder; he's definetly not your usual prince. I think its because he was like Aladdin, a thief who started out with nothing and gained so much through love. The other character we loved was Maximus; the horse. He was such a BAD ASS! I mean come on, a horse that can sword fight? YES.

How was your weekend and what did you do? :]